Grow, harvest, bottle

Rent a vine to create your perfect wine

Rent vines and vineyards blocks in the world’s top wine-growing regions. Control every aspect of the winemaking process from vine growth management to the harvest, blending, bottling and aging. With professional guidance and suggestions each step of the way, you’ll end the season with a few bottles, cases, or barrels of your own wine.


Starting a vineyard usually requires millions of dollars and years of hard work

Making premium wine is generally reserved for the wealthy or those that have multi-generational estates. New vineyards take years to start producing usable grapes and renting out established vines is only done by purchasing grapes by the ton. Even then you still need your own equipment to press, ferment, age, and bottle.

Now there’s an easier way…


Make wine without land, equipment, or expertise

Start your own Napa Valley Sonoma Valley Central Coast Paso Robles vineyard with a click

SplitVineyards enables anyone to launch their own vineyard in just a few minutes. Manage your vines, make decisions during the wine making process, and receive regular updates via weekly email updates (app coming soon!).

A single vine or 1,000+ vines

Our vineyard management technology enables you to manage your vineyard on a vine-by-vine basis. It’s the first time this has ever been done at scale and opens up the joy of winemaking to the entire world.

Premium land, unbelievable value

Our vineyards are located in the world’s best wine producing regions. Depending on the location and your winemaking style, expect between 2-7+ bottles per vine.

Real-time updates and weekly reports

We’re in the fields with your vines every day and complete all requests within 48 hours. Weekly reports ensure that you’re always informed on the state of your vineyard and wines.

Taste your wines as they develop

From grape samples to barrel and post-fermentation tastings, our sister company Barrel Taster is able to ship samples of your harvest or wine at any time. When you decide it’s ready, we’ll bottle it and ship it to wherever you’d like.

Small batch pressing, fermenting, & aging

We’ve set up our vineyard facilities to accommodate almost any size of harvest – from as little as 4 bottles to bulk blends of several barrels. You can even join other SplitVineyard winemakers for full barrel creations in the traditional style.

*A federal license is needed to produce more than 500 bottles per person

Limited regional availability

Book your vines now

Your vines, your wines

Manage every detail of your Vineyard with step-by-step recommentations

Manage the entire winemaking process from vine to bottle. Get as hands-on as you’d like or follow our suggestions to craft your perfect wine. With full control over your vineyard, the wines you make will be entirely yours.


Varietal and location

Choose your vineyard location and select the number of vines for each varietal. Submit the rental fee and they’re yours!



Your grapes are harvested by hand when you decide they’re ready. You can then pick up the fresh fruit or have us make wine with them. We offer several options for crushing and fermenting, depending on your varietal and desired outcome.


Taste and bottle

In addition to the complimentary post-fermentation tasting, we can send barrel samples as often as you like. When you think they’re ready, we’ll bottle your wines!


Manage your vineyard

Throughout the spring and summer you’ll make decisions on pruning, watering, and growth management. We’ll provide suggestions to maximize the taste and/or number of bottles your vines produce.


Blending and aging

After fermentation, we’ll send you a sample so that you can taste your freshly made wine. You’ll then get to choose how to age them and for how long.


Drink, sell, or compete

Once bottled, we’ll ship the wines to your door, submit them for competitions, or even help you bring them to market.

Flexibility if you're a pro, helpful tips if you're not

The full winemaking experience

We provide comprehensive data on all your vines and wines. Our wine planner insights makes it easy to create a plan, and real-time updates means that you always know how things are going. If weather or some other issue comes up, you’ll be ready and informed to make the right choice for your vines.

Vine Growth

Your vineyard, your choices

Grow for quality or quantity

The growth period sets the stage for your wines. The best wines often undergo extensive pruning throughout the season to concentrate flavors in just a few bunches. Other vineyards harvest all the grapes to maximize bottles per vine. Whether you’re trying to make an award winning $500 bottle, a simple dinner wine, or something in-between, we’ll help you bring your vision to life.

Harvesting and Pressing


Pick at the peak

When the time is right, we’ll harvest your grapes and press them in the manor you choose.

Barreling and Aging

Barreling & Bottling

Your taste, bottle, & label

After fermentation is complete, we’ll age your wine in oak, stainless steel, or concrete tanks. Due to the cost of oak barrels, we charge an additional $2 per bottle. Up to 9 months of aging in our cellars is included with each vine. Barrel tastings can be sent at any time, or you can visit and taste it right out of the barrel yourself!

Everything included, upgrades available

Simple pricing

Reserve your vines and pay a $1 per bottle winemaking fee after harvest for any grapes that you want turned into wine. Everything else is included for personal consumption wines (500 bottle limit). Wines produced for resell must abide by federal/state standards and licensing – contact us for details and estimated costs for 500+ bottle orders.

Vine rental and vineyard management

Vines - $53+

Vines start at just $53 and produce between 2-7+ bottles depending on the growing method & location.

Management - $0

A full team is available to follow your every command - whether you have 1 vine or 1,000+ vines.

Harvest - $0

Free hand-picked harvesting included with each of your vines at the time of your choosing.

Data & reports - $0

From soil analysis to brix levels, you'll have all the details you need to make great wine.

Winemaking (optional)

Winemaking - $1/bottle

Due to the legal complexities around winemaking, we unfortunately have to make this a separate charge.

Bottles - $0+

Free simple screw-top bottles included. Customize your bottle and foil for an extra fee.

Labeling - $0+

Simple label with name and legally required info included. Custom designs, shapes, textures available.

Samples - $0+

Post-press tasting provided for free. Additional tastings provided with a flat-rate $10 shipping fee.

Harvest - $0+

Free basket pressing. Bladder and pneumatic pressing available for an additional fee.

Aging - $0+

Free concrete and stainless aging for 6 months. Additional fee for oak barrel aging and long-term storage.

Blending - $0+

Blend your own vine grapes for free. Additional fee for adding wine from vines that you don't own.

Management - $0

A full team is available to follow your every command - whether you're making 2 bottles or 10 barrels.

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